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Should You Go to the OSIsoft 2010 PI User Conference?

In 1996, I attended my first OSI PI User Conference as a new user to understand what modules and features to target, but I came away with a whole lot more! Besides finding out that I was the only one of 74 people with PI Batch intending to implement it on Windows NT (vs. VMS), I found out that these User Conferences were excellent from many perspectives. One is able to:

  • Meet OSIsoft employees willing to talk about PI and how I could get the most out of it.
  • Meet other customers who share how they implemented PI and where they benefited.
  • Review 3rd party vendor products and services hands-on.
  • Learn about functionality, ways to implement, and how they all fit together
  • Learn what’s new now and where they intend to take their product offering.

This might sound like a typical conference justification, however considering that I shy away from such events and that I’m frugal and I still consider it worthwhile, then this is a strong endorsement. In fact, each year we’ve been able to measure the benefits from contacts and what we learned that exceeded the cost of sending 2 people from the east coast to the conference.

Initially, I underestimated the value of staying in touch with the OSIsoft staff. Besides putting a face with a voice on the other end of the phone, they offer their own personal insight into the product and talk about the goals they are working towards. It’s great to hear OSIsoft’s marketing presentations, but it really comes together for me when you hear how their employees apply it.

I’ve followed the evolution of the PI application since 1996 and I’m impressed with how they are able to grow the product and especially how they’ve expanded into new applications for their product (ex. data centers, power meter readings). They’ve kept the product current and improved performance throughout the evolution of operating systems and software development environments. However, OSIsoft’s evolution meant that it was important for me to stay in-touch with their evolution so we were taking advantage of the what we’d already paid for and plan ahead to utilize what was coming. I found that the OSIsoft User Conference was the best way to learn what I needed to do with PI in the next 12 months and the next 2 years.

In light of me writing about the OSIsoft Regional Conferences last Fall, people have asked me if the Regional Conference can replace the annual trek to the User Conference. My answer is: attend both the regional and annual events. Send your strategic staff with long-term vision to the User Conference and send your hands-on PI administrators and key users to the regional conference so more people get the message and can run with it.

When people say their company cannot afford to send them, I respond that they probably cannot afford NOT to send them. Getting the most out of the initial PI cost and then the annual TSA cost should be enough justification, but the annual gains from better utilizing what you already own can make it an easy decision… see you at the OSIsoft 2010 User Conference!

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