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OSIsoft 2014 Nashville Regional Seminar presented some great ideas

The Nashville regional seminar was definitely worthwhile attending; we have recommended that our customers attend one near them. This seminar had some excellent customer presentations and partner pods; the SPP and IP presentations were both notable.

The presentations and discussions with attendees give you valuable new ideas, different perspectives, new ways to implement PI, the business case, and the return on investment.

Hot topics to watch in the Enterprise Data arena:

OSIsoft Roadmap items to watch for:

  • Ability to store future data and distinguish between actual and predicted data values
  • MUSE: their future data visualization tool

Some ideas that I believe are notable:

  • PI Asset Framework: adds context to your data and shifts users from a tag-centric searches to asset-centric.
  • PI AF analyses and analyses templates to eliminate your Performance Equations
  • Monitoring by exception: displays pop-up on the monitor based on a PI event or analyses
  • Dynamic PI AF configuration: over time as the asset base dynamically changes
  • PI Web API to access PI configuration and data values from an HTML5 application
  • PI Event Frames as relational time records with pre-frame data to seek out root cause
  • Operational startup with PI graphics to show success or failure of the startup steps
  • PI Cloud Connect: publish specific PI data which is shared with vendors, contractors, and customers
  • ESRI: Spatial data with feature layers on maps
  • PI Coresight now has the ability to display process graphics and the built-in ability to share displays
  • Predictive analytics and Condition-based maintenance is enabled by the Asset Framework, Analyses, and Event Frames

It was time well spent!

OSIsoft will be publishing the audio and PowerPoint files from each of the presentations, so check their website for details.

If you want additional details, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at (828) 705-1974 or drop me an email.

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